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Express shipping medication to Belgium

Posted by: Jean Blackstone

I need to ship some prescription medication to Belgium and make sure that it gets where it needs to go as quickly as possible. My aunt went back to the old country as she calls it and decided to extend her vacation so she can spend some more time trying to reconnect with the family that still lives over there. Bad thing is that she didn't take enough of her pills with her to last much beyond her original stay. Are there any rules or regulations that prevent me from just sending an express package with her medications in them? I am having trouble finding out whether or not I can just shp them straight to her or will they need to go through customs before she can have them? I'm afraid to have them sit for a long time in some warehouse. She's not incredibly ill or anything, but she does need her daily medications or she will be in trouble. Anything special I need to do to ship medicine like this?