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International Excess baggage to Saudi Arabia

Posted by: Ysief Htralt

I need information about international excess baggage to Saudi Arabia. If your company can complete this task, please email your shipping information as soon as possible. Next month, I am traveling to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and I am already aware that I will have an excess amount of baggage. I have 7 total suitcases that I must ship. The majority of these are for my company as I make business presentations to various companies throughout the world. Before I commit to shipping my baggage with your company, I must ask some simple questions. Do you charge by the quantity of bags shipped, or do you charge by the weight? Or do you perhaps charge a combination of both methods? When must I check my baggage with your company in order for it to be delivered by the time my flight arrives in Riyadh? Can you guarantee my baggage will be delivered on time and undamaged? Where do I go to collect my baggage once I have arrived at Riyadh? I have email access constantly, so I will watch for your email's arrival.