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International Excess baggage to Norway

Posted by: Bjorn Trestden

Greetings to everyone. I have stopped here to ask for information about international excess baggage to Norway. If this is a shipping service your company provides, please send me an email with your shipping information as soon as possible. My trip is scheduled to leave London, United Kingdom (UK), in two weeks time. While I do have some time to prepare for this journey, I want to have these shipping arrangements completed as soon as possible. So if you will send this information as soon as possible, it will be greatly appreciated. My excess baggage consists of six total suitcases that I need to ship with your service. Would you please tell me how much it will cost me to ship my excess baggage with your company? How are your charges based? Do you charge by the piece? Or do you charge by the weight of each bag? If you can save me some money over the airlines, I will add two other suitcases to this list of excess baggage to ship with your company. Thanks for sending this information to my email address.