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Ship Excess baggage to Sweden

Posted by: Rohn Lockhart

I am traveling to Sweden next month and I already know that I will have more baggage than the airline will permit me to carry without having to pay an exorbitant fee. So I have posted my request here to connect with a company that can ship excess baggage to Sweden. My baggage will consist of 5 suitcases plus one carry on. Although the airline allows me so many, I would like to know how much your company will charge to ship all but my carry on with you. How do you base your charges? Do you charge by the number of suitcases? Or do you charge by the weight? Regardless of how you base your charges, if you can offer a competitive alternative to the airlines fees, then you have yourself a customer. My flight will depart London, United Kingdom (UK) within the next two weeks, so I would like to have your shipping information as soon as possible. Thank you.