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Interntational Express shipping to Poland

I want to ship some packages to Warsaw, Poland. Is international express shipping to Poland a regular part of the services your company provides? If so, would you please send your shipping information to me at my included email address? I have three packages that I am sending to my nephew who is attending the university. He requested that I send some of his belongings to him as soon as possible. The contents in some of the packages are his personal items, while other items are items he wants to include in some of his study projects. Is it possible for your company to deliver these three packages to my nephew by the end of next week, or possibly by the first of the following week? Please inform me if you can and also of how much you might charge for this express shipping service. Can you provide me with tracking information so I and my nephew may monitor the shipments progress? This way he will know about when to expect the package to be delivered. Thanks for the information.