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Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Mullumbimby Community Gardens is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental health through sustainable agriculture. We also encourage development in the third world through green business ventures. By teaching people methods of permaculture we help them to help themselves. Seychelles has the highest Human Development Index in Africa, but they also have the sharpest contrast between upper and lower classes. Our wish is to start a community garden in the slums of Greater Victoria, where impoverished citizens can grow food and sell the excess produce for a profit. We need express shipping to Seychelles from New South Wales, Australia, for a large assortment of gardening equipment, and hundreds of seed packets. There are approximately eight large boxes and 5 medium boxes of tools such as shovels, picks, and rakes. There are also 4 small boxes filled with seed packets. We need to know the ideal method for express shipping to Seychelles from New South Wales, Australia. A group of our representatives will be present in Greater Victoria to facilitate the arrival of the cargo. However we are unsure about the current rates and fees as to the importation of agricultural equipment into the island nation of Seychelles.