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International Express shipping to Switzerland

I must ship some photographs to my uncle who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Although I could send these pictures through a normal shipping channel, I would prefer to work with a company who offers international express shipping to Switzerland if at all possible. Does your company offer this express shipping service? If so, how much will it cost for me to ship with your company? Can you assure me that this package will arrive at my uncle's home undamaged? The package that contains the pictures is already packed and is ready for drop off or pickup. Which service does your company provide? Do you offer either service from Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States? Does your company offer any sort of guarantee about delivery dates? Do you offer a tracking service so that I may track this package while it is in transit? I would appreciate your prompt attention to my request for information as I want this package to be delivered within a couple of weeks if possible. Thanks for sending me your shipping info.