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International Excess baggage to Italy

I need to ship my international excess baggage to Italy, and have posted here in hopes of finding a company that offers this service. It would also be nice if your company provides this service affordable and can guarantee my baggage will arrive on time and undamaged. Can your company meet both of these requests? My excess baggage includes five oversized suitcases. Each of these suitcases weigh about 33 pounds. Does your company charge by the number of pieces or by its weight? Please email me with how you base your shipping charges. I at least want to have a rough idea as to how much this will cost. Does your company ship from the United States, and more specifically from Los Angeles, California? If I decide to ship my excess baggage with your company, where do I drop off my baggage? Do you have a spot near to the airport, or would I drop my baggage off at some other location? With your email message, please also include what I must do if my baggage is either lost or damaged during shipping. Thanks.