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International Excess baggage to Israel

Let's face it, the fees that are imposed by many of the airlines for excess baggage is excess in itself. And with as much as I travel and required to carry items that I need for my business presentations in addition to my regular baggage, I pay a lot of excess baggage fees. I want to save some money, so I have posted here in anticipation of doing business with a company that handles international excess baggage to Israel, which is my next destination. I normally carry 7 bags. Two of these bags are carry-on, and the remainder are your typically sized suitcases. As you can understand, I am typically charged near to $200 just for my baggage. Can your company deliver my baggage cheaper than this? If so, then how much do you charge? Do you charge by the quantity of baggage, or by the weight? Can you deliver my baggage by the time my flight is scheduled to arrive at Tel Aviv, Israel? Please email your excess baggage shipping info to my included email address. Thank you so much.