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International Excess baggage to Brazil

After many months in the United Kingdom (UK), I am flying back to my native Sao Paulo, Brazil. However, since I have been in the UK for sometime, I have accumulated more belongings than I originally came here with. I just know that if I show up at the airline's gate with all of this extra baggage they will try to charge me a large fee. Therefore, I am in search for a company who handles international excess baggage to Brazil. How do you assess your charges? Do you charge by the weight, size, or by what method? I will have five extra suitcases, and none of them will weigh more than 40 pounds. Now you have a better idea as to the scope of my excess baggage. When can I expect my baggage to be delivered to Brazil? What about damage during transit? Is the damage covered by your company? I am planning to take this trip by the middle of next month and I would like to have my travel preparations completed before then. Therefore, I would like to receive your information as soon as possible. Thanks.