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International Express shipping to Norway from Greece

I have posted here to request information concerning international express shipping to Norway from Greece. The package I must ship is a box of cookies. Naturally, I do not want the cookies to spoil, so I want to ship them via express. I have the package ready to ship. The cookies are included in a tin, which is wrapped with various layers of shipping paper. Does your company have a local drop off that I can ship my package? I am located in Athens, so surely there is a local service. The box weighs less than two pounds, and is only about 1 ft by 1 ft in dimensions. Can your company deliver these cookies undamaged? How much will you charge? Do you offer a tracking number so that I may monitor the shipment's progress? Included in this inquiry you will find my direct email address. Please send your shipping information to that address, as well as your replies to the questions that I have posed here. Your prompt replies are appreciated.