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International Excess baggage to Austria

Hello my neighbors. I plan to travel from the United States to Europe next month and I already know that I will exceed the quantity of baggage the airline will allow without charging an excess baggage fee. I am shopping to learn if it would be cheaper for me to ship my baggage to my destination, or if it would be best for me to simply pay the airline their fee. Therefore, I came here to ask for information on international excess baggage to Austria. If your company has knowledge and experience in providing this service, please contact me through the email address I have provided. Although I do have some time between now and when I will travel, I would prefer to make the arrangements ahead of time if possible. Does your company charge by the quantity or by how much each bag weighs? Or perhaps you may charge by the size of each bag? Please advise how you assess your charges. Also, when would my bags arrive? I would prefer they arrive either at the same time as my arrival, or shortly before I arrive. I look forward to reviewing your information. Thanks.