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International Excess baggage to United Kingdom (UK)

I practically live out of my suitcases as I travel extensively. In the coming week, I will require the services of international excess baggage to United Kingdom (UK) as I will be traveling there to stay for several weeks. I will then need the same services again to another destination. However, let us focus on my coming trip to the UK for the moment. When I travel to the UK, I will have a couple of carry on bags, and a couple of baggage that I will check. However, I must also ship 3 large suitcases that I am positive the airlines will want a large excess baggage fee. In my opinion, it is cheaper for me to use your service than it is to ship it on the same flight I will be on. What are your current rates and delivery schedules for this service? Do you offer insurance to cover damaged or lost baggage? Where shall I drop off my bags before I leave for the UK? Do you have a local facility in the UK that I can collect my baggage soon after I arrive? Please email me with your information soon. Thank you.