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International Express shipping to New Zealand

Good day! I need to inquire into international express shipping to New Zealand. When you send your information, please provide your current rate schedule, your estimated time for delivery, and packing information. Also, does your company do the packing, or can you provide the packing materials and I pack the items? The items I must send to New Zealand are fragile. They are fragile to the point that a hairline crack could develop if these items are not carefully packaged. Can you guarantee these items will arrive to New Zealand intact and undamaged? Do you have insurance that I can purchase just in case something happens to damage them? As you may have guessed, the items needing shipped are glassware. They are made of crystal and are very fine, which is why I am so cautious about sending them. These are glassware that I am sending to my mother, as she is a collector of fine glassware. I think she will appreciate these and I really want her to have them. Thank you for emailing me with your information. I will reply to each contact I receive.