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Shipping Excess baggage to United States

It seems I can never ship all of my baggage with me when I fly. And what baggage I can take with me, the airlines want to charge an exorbitant amount. I came here to locate a dependable company who can provide me with information on shipping excess baggage to United States. To be more specific, I will need to ship my excess baggage from Manila, Philippines. I will have 3 full-sized suitcases that must be shipped by this method. They are not very heavy. I estimate they weigh only about 20 or 30 pounds each. One of the suitcases will contain some items that may break. I will have them wrapped up and packaged accordingly. However, I would like some sort of guarantee from your company that you will take care with my baggage so as not to cause any breakage. Would you be able to provide a delivery schedule of when I can expect my baggage to arrive? Could you also provide me with your list of fees? I will be leaving Manila within the week, so your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.