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I want to ship a package, so I am requesting information about package express shipping to Netherlands from a company who has experience in this field. The package consists of computer parts. These parts are already in the manufacturer's packaging, so all I should have to do is to place each of these in one all inclusive package that can be wrapped and shipped. This way all of the contents will arrive at the same time. Since you are the shipping experts, I must inquire if you can advise me not only on the cost, but also how long will it take for the delivery to be made. Does your company provide any packing material? Will your company pickup the package and deliver it to its destination? If there are any taxes, fees, customs duties, etc. do I need to pay them at the time of shipping? Or are these charges assessed upon arrival? Thank you for emailing me with your information. This package needs to be shipped within the next couple of days, so I appreciate your prompt response to my inquiry.