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Excess baggage to New Zealand

I am traveling to New Zealand next month and I already know I will have more baggage than what they will allow. Therefore, I am posting here to request information on excess baggage to New Zealand. You probably already know what kind of questions I have, but I guess I must go ahead and post them anyway just so we are clear on what is needed. I will have 4 standard sized suitcases to ship as excess baggage. My flight seems like it will take a while, so you may have my baggage at my destination before I arrive. Which that would be cool. I will depart JFK in about 2 weeks. So even though it seems like I have a long time to prepare, I really do not. Does your company handle these kinds of shipments? Can you tell me about how much this will cost for me to send my baggage this way? Do you have any limits on the number of bags your company will handle for one person at any given time? Thanks and send me an email with the information.