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Expedited Excess baggage to Netherlands

I am traveling to Amsterdam on holiday and since I plan on being there for several weeks I need to take more items than what the airlines will allow. Well, they will allow most of it, but it would be much cheaper for me to send this as expedited excess baggage to Netherlands than to allow the airlines to ship it. After all, I want more of my money to spend while I'm on holiday and not have to pay more of it to someone else. My excess baggage is your typical luggage that one would take on a trip. I will include 4 large suitcases in this shipment, so that is what I need a quotation from your company. I anticipate your quote will be much less than the airline charges. At least I hope it is anyway. When you email me with your information, please include whether my excess baggage will arrive at the same time that I do. Also, please include your current pricing for this service as well. Thank you very much for your information.