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Excess baggage to United Arab Emirates

Looking for an airline, that offers better rates on excess baggage to United Arab Emirates. I will be flying to the Dubai in May 2013 from Las Angeles. I am visiting a family member who is working there and I would like to take some of their belongings with me. In total it will be four packages containing many books, clothes, a few odd appliances and a few personal files. Nothing harmful, or potentially unstable. The three packages are all about 600 x 600 x 500 in size. The one contains books and clothes and weighs about 18 pounds. The second is appliances and would need to be handles with some care, though I will package them well and weighs around 10 pounds. The third is also a few books and files and weigh around 20 pounds. I would really appreciate any airline company who offers good rates for excess baggage to United Arab Emirates to contact me with costing details and flight information.