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Excess baggage to Germany

My husband is leaving for Germany in the next few days. Since we expect him to be there for the next year, he needs to take more with him than what is considered as normal baggage by the airlines. Therefore, we will need to ship his excess baggage to Germany. While this may sound straightforward, we are having some difficulty in locating a company that does this. His extra baggage includes 3 boxes that contain his stereo components so we need to be sure the contents of these boxes are well padded. The other 2 boxes to ship are mostly clothing and such so all we need with them are some sturdy boxes. Please email me with any information on whether your company handles excess baggage and how is the best way for us to pack the boxes so the contents make the journey and remain unbroken. Also, please include a quotation with your information as well. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.