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Cargo shipping from Malaysia to Uganda
I am looking for a shipping line company to ship my two L-Shaped sofa sets from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kampala, Uganda with immediate effect. The sofa are will be collected and be sent to a give ...
sending 5kg box to Montserrat
Can you ship the above to montserrat? At what price? Can you drop off box fri Manchester and collect by Monday? Need urgent quote please. Looking for tea chest box or small drum / barrel. Will accept ...
labeling and shipping handler needed ...
I wish to contact and contract a company in Hong Kong that will label a Chinese product in small and large quantities and ship them out to customers under my company name via UPS Express world-wide. ...
International shipping from USA, Texas, Dallas to Kigali
Hi I'm looking for a quick and cheap shipping company to move few items( used clothes) from USA to Kigali and receive them before Xmas. Please let me know if you know a trusted shipping compan ...
International Express shipping to Bolivia
I need information about international express shipping to Bolivia. I am preparing an order that will be sent from my office here at Bologna, Italy. The package is 61 cm in length, 31 cm wide, and als ...
International Express shipping to Argentina
I have a package that I must send from our office here in Florence, Italy. This package will require international express shipping to Argentina, so if your company can provide this service I ask you ...
Package Express shipping to Guam (US)
I need to send a package to my brother who is serving with the United States military at Guam (US). The package is about the size of two regular sized shoe boxes, so it is not that big. It weighs less ...
Express business shipping to Guinea
Gravity Galvanized Inc is based in Ghana but we have clients all over the world. we have just recently signed some clients in Guinea and need to find a business shipping company that can offer some e ...
Package Express shipping to Jordan
I have a package that is ready to ship from our facility at Barcelona, Spain. It will require package express shipping to Jordan. Our customer was very specific in their request for express shipping. ...
Package Express shipping to Haiti
I need to send a package express shipping to Haiti. I am sending this package from my office at New York City, New York, in the United States. How much are your prices for shipping an express package ...
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