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International Express shipping to Argentina

- Express Shipping

I have a package that I must send from our office here in Florence, Italy. This package will require international express shipping to Argentina, so if your company can provide this service I ask you to send information to me as soon as possible. We will have this package ready to ship by the first of the week, and I would like to have the shipping arrangements in place by that time. Will your company be able to provide a pickup at that time?

The package weighs only 7 kilograms. Is there a way that you can send me your shipping charges and perhaps an estimate of our shipping charges? Do you include insurance in your express shipping charges? Or is that an extra charge? How will I know when this package has cleared Argentina's customs? If there are any problems, will you notify us? Will you also present us with options in resolving those problems?

I will appreciate your sending this information to us through this forum. It will be the quickest way for us to receive it. Thank you.

Name: Demetrio La Monica

Company: Nordunia

Country: Argentina

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